National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

November 23, 2020

The month of November is designated as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.  The sheer numbers of people who are experiencing Alzheimer’s and other related dementia are staggering.  Nearly 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s.  It is the sixth leading cause of death – and to date, there is no cure!

While the numbers are truly staggering, and receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other dementia can be very overwhelming, it is important to understand that this disease is a journey.  Along the path of  this journey there is the opportunity to experience moments of connection.  Indeed, there will be moments of deep sadness, moments of loss – but there can also be moments of joy and peace.  Creating a connection with your loved one where they are at in that moment is priceless.  None of us knows our tomorrows, what we have are Moments to experience life in the fullest.  Find the joy in each moment!

Leisure Living’s Moments Memory Care program was designed with the premise of creating moments of connection.  Our staff is highly trained on specific ways to connect with individuals living with dementia.  They create opportunities to experience those moments with those who are in their care. They have also been trained to create connections with families and assist them in discovering new ways to make connections with their loved one.

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