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What Is Leisure Living’s Moments Memory Care™?

Leisure Living’s Moments Memory Care™ is Michigan’s first trademarked program that focuses on caring for our residents who are experiencing memory loss, including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, while also catering to family members and caregivers.

Moments Memory Care™ balances individual physical care and emotional needs of all involved so that residents benefit from comprehensive personalized attention. Our care team places an emphasis on forming relationships that nurture and support those battling memory impairment. Dedicated wings with neighborhood pod systems become familiar and comforting to the unique needs of each resident.

Moments Memory Care™ team members at Leisure Living communities are trained in our specialized program. The team is encouraged to demonstrate care procedures and pass tests to earn certification to care for our residents with memory loss. That’s why Moments Memory Care™ is always evolving and improving to be the best model of offering senior dementia care in Michigan.

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Is Moments Memory Care™
Right For Your Loved One?

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When Is It Time To
Consider Moments Memory Care™?

Memory Care is ideal for your loved one if they are navigating dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory loss. When the effects of their memory loss become a safety hazard for themselves or those around them, our Moments Memory Care™ neighborhoods are here to serve them with both care needs and daily enrichment. We offer a secured environment with 24-hour oversight to make sure your loved one is always fully supported.

Included For All Residents

Resident Well-Being

All Moments Memory Care™ neighborhoods are licensed and secure, and are staffed 24 hours per day to ensure there is someone available to meet residents’ needs at any time.

What You Can Expect

Specially Trained Employees

Every employee in our Moments Memory Care™ communities is specially trained to assist with challenges associated with memory loss. Additionally, each employee must complete multiple training courses and tests to earn the ability to serve our memory care residents.

It’s More Than A Career, It’s A Calling

Thoughtful Daily Activities

We plan activities to meet our residents where they’re at. Activities are always clear and descriptive, and provide opportunities for residents to engage with others and feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

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Personalized Dining Experiences

Our culinary teams get to know our residents and families to learn what foods mean most to those we serve. Dishes contrast as much as possible with the food being served to make the items as easy to identify as possible, and we always have multiple meal options available.

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